Friday, September 7, 2012

10 Weeks

And I think we're seeing a bit of an improvement this week.  We're learning some things about Ben:
-the swing has to be on high
-the white noise has to be loud
-the bouncing has to be vigorous
-the rocking has to be hard
I'm blaming all this on doing zumba when I was pregnant:)
-when he gets super fussy he's just tired, even if he's only been awake for 30 minutes.
-he has to be swaddled even for naps.

We're getting there.  Hopefully it passes soon.  Let's just hope our vacuum makes it that long.

 He laid on the floor for, like, 3 minutes (a record!).

My little coworker.

Avery has been having fun this week.  She got some rain boots which she's been trying out.  Not a drop of rain in sight, of course.

I ordered some decals for her room.  She had a blank wall and I needed to put something on it.  I think they turned out pretty cute.  Next I'm going to have Rob make a ledge shelf for books to run along a portion of the wall.

 When he's happy, he's really happy!

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