Friday, September 14, 2012

This Week

Ben is really starting to "talk," coo, and smile so much more.  Rob is pretty sure Ben laughed at him yesterday morning (it kind of sounded like half cough/half laugh to me, but I'll give it to him).
Watching me get ready

The evenings have been nice so we've been eating dinner outside.  Ben likes it better, plus less mess to clean up:)
Watching the people with teeth eat dinner

Avery has been full of sass this week, which I think is being caused by all the sleepless nights.  One night she was up about five times.  It's ridiculous.  We've tried just about everything we can think of:
-incentives (fine, bribes) like getting to watch tv, getting gum (that's her thing right now), stickers, etc.
-punishments (taking away things or not letting her have certain privileges)
-spankings (yeah, Rob has spanked her bottom a few times)
-pep talks about how she is a big girl, big girls stay in bed, etc.

Nothing is really working.  It doesn't seem to be nightmares.  She is never crying or scared when she gets up, otherwise we would definitely have more sympathy.  She has a new teacher at school who has implemented the "nap fairy." Apparently, the nap fairy gives a few M&Ms to those who nap.  So I thought, hey, maybe the nap fairy could come to our house.  Nah.  Well...she did stay in bed last night, but that could have been purely coincidental.  Regardless, the nap fairy left her some Pez (something she may or may not have found in a small bag of leftover Halloween candy in the pantry-yes, from last year). 

But this morning, she was so chipper and there were no tears over taking clothes off the hanger herself or getting to push the buttons on the blender when we make smoothies.

Last night was open house at her school.  It's only for the parents, so I went by myself while Rob stayed home.  I got to meet her new teacher, Miss Danna (she is gone by the time I pick Avery up around 5, so I hadn't met her).  She seems very nice and is definitely qualified.
I believe there are nine kids in Avery's class (only three girls).

Sounds like Avery should have a fun year!

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