Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ben Goes to Daycare

Yesterday was Ben's first day at daycare. We were a little nervous that he would refuse the bottles, as he has been doing so lately. He ended up drinking all the milk I sent but in 1.5 ounce increments throughout the day. I'm sure he'll get on a schedule soon and get used to drinking a full bottle every few hours.

Other than that he did fine. He only took catnaps, so today I sent a swaddle wrap so maybe he'll take a substantial nap. He was exhausted last night!

Avery was super excited to have Ben at her school. She said "have a good day, Ben!" when she and Rob dropped him off.

Little brother getting ready
Excited sister
Taking off

Rob said this morning he was being a little ham and putting on a show, so I think things are going ok.

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