Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Around Here

Saturday morning we headed to the zoo-Ben's first trip.  It was a beautiful day!  I feel like we kind of blew through a lot of the exhibits.  Ben likes to keep moving.  I don't think Avery noticed at all, though.  She seemed to have a great time.

After we got home, she dressed up as mommy...
Who knows...

Rob and I went to a shower for Jerry and Sanaz that night.  They're getting married in Georgia in two weeks (and lucky Rob gets to go)!

Sunday we hung around the house.  Avery and I worked on a mosaic jewelry box that Gigi got for her.  All I have to say is LOTS of little jewels and stickers:)  Don't tell Avery, but the remaining sheets of teeny little stickers went in the trash today.  I think it looks great as-is anyway.

Monday it was back to work and school.

I made these Zucchini Boats for dinner on Monday.  They were pretty good.  Avery said she liked what was inside the boat but not the boat itself (of course I said too bad and made her eat part of it).

The evenings have been pretty nice.  We're definitely taking advantage of the cooler (well, low 90s) weather!   Last night we went to play at the local elementary school.
Big girl will go here in two years

Oh, and I had a Gap/Old Navy gift card for Ben so I ordered him some fall stuff, including his Halloween costume.   Avery is going to be Dorothy and Ben the Cowardly Lion.  Anyway, I got some super cute stuff.  With all the clothing gifts we've received, plus some hand-me-downs from friends of ours, I think Ben is pretty much set until at least 6 months.

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