Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

We had a pretty good weekend around here!  As usual, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Avery was trying to help entertain Ben by letting him watch Mickey Mouse with her.  Very sweet but he wasn't too interested. Soon, I'm sure.

The one place he will chill for any amount of time
Swinging (no clothes, per usual)

 Saturday morning I took Avery to a birthday party (my boss's daughter).
Goody bag
Birthday girl and Avery

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing around outside.  We definitely miss our neighborhood pool.  This kiddie pool just isn't cutting it.  I hooked her up with a pool at the bottom of her slide, which was fun for a while.

Sunday some friends who live in our old neighborhood invited us over to swim.  Ben didn't swim but he looked cute in his swim suit in the shade.  Side note, between Avery and Ben we have most definitely got somebody's (as I'm sure it was a gift) money's worth out of that thing.  Avery loved it and Ben does too.  $30 well spent.
Avery and Olivia checking on Ben

Actually taken with the real camera


Monday we headed to Tulsa for brunch and them to the aquarium with Mimi.  Avery was pretty excited about seeing sharks.  She kept saying "I can't believe we're going to see a shark."  Ben wasn't all too impressed.  Maybe next time.

 And last night I started rereading this:

Whew.  So far Ben is a much more challenging baby than Avery.  As I've said before, he sleeps well at night but during the day he is pretty fussy and when he gets worked up it's very hard to calm him down.  I read this before I had Avery, but have forgotten much of it.  Of course I know about the calming methods of swaddling, swinging, sssh-ing, etc. (all of which we do) but I didn't realize that for fussy babies, they have to be done in layers and with vigor to really work.  So I'm going to be trying these methods out this week and hopefully they work.

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