Friday, September 21, 2012

This Girl

So sweet.

Right here?

Mommy, I'm a pwincess and monkey is a pwince.

And so silly and goffy and fun-loving.

That is, until she has a complete epic tantrum including, but not limited to, screaming, crying, kicking, and spitting. Yes, spitting.  She lost her mind.

It started with dinner. She wasn't eating.  She was picking at her food and playing.  So we set the timer on her.  We've resorted to this because the playing around at the table and not eating are regular occurences.  Honestly, I don't think she's very hungry.  They eat a late snack at school and we eat dinner pretty early.  Whatever.  Eat or don't, but dinnertime is just that and we're not going to allow her to sit at the table for an hour playing around.  She has the entire time we're all eating, plus about 10 minutes (timed, on the evenings she's messing around).  After that we take the plate. You're done.  Well, all of that transpired the other night and she lost it when we took her plate.  That earned her a time out.  Which led to her coming totally unhinged. Cue 3 year old behavior and antics.  Eventually she was sent to bed with no stories. This behavior is pretty rare for her, and hopefully it stays that way.  Amazingly, Ben slept through it all (no really, you would be amazed too if you heard the screams).

The next morning she was her usual self again.  Thank God.  That tantrum business isn't for me.  I much prefer this side of things.

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