Wednesday, May 9, 2012

3rd Birthday Party

We planned a Dora the Explorer party for Avery this year.  It seemed only right since Dora is her most favorite show ever.  I'm lucky enough to work with graphic designers who don't mind doing stuff for me!  It probably only makes sense to parents of the three-and-under set.

Funny side note-the morning of her party she told me she didn't want a Dora party, she wanted a Yo Gabba Gabba party like Coen (her friend from school).  Of course I laughed and told her to save her ideas for next year.  She was having a Dora party this year.

As I may have mentioned a time or fifty, we moved the two days leading up to her party.  Needless to say, this party was minus a lot of frills or basically anything homemade (at least on my part).  My mom and Rob's mom were kind enough to offer to help, which was great.  There weren't any major snafus aside from me forgetting plates for the cake.  Seriously?  How do you forget that?

The weather was beautiful.  Hot, but nice.  I will always prefer sunny over rainy.  I was a little bit paranoid about the weather since this was an outside party at a playground.  I know May in Oklahoma is known for nice weather but for some reason I always think of the first week after Avery was born: it was rainy and cool (unseasonably so, I'm sure).

Avery and Pepaw

Jonas and Elijah

Rearden and Declan

Avery and Brody

Kennedy and Avery

Avery and Mimi
 My mom did fruit trays and my mother in law picked up the cake and sandwiches from the grocery store.  

Avery and Harper

Baby Hudson

One might think she was worn out after all that.  But, alas, no.  She came home and wanted to drive her "four wheeler."
No feet

We didn't open presents at the party.  It was way too windy, the kids were all playing on the playground, and frankly it's like pulling teeth to get Avery to open presents with any sense of urgency.   Avery received so many nice presents.  I can honestly say she opened each one and said "cool!" or "that was nice of them."  Also?  There are still four or five presents she hasn't even opened yet.  We opened some on Saturday and some on Sunday.   She gets it, but at the same time she sort of doesn't.  Give her a few years, I suppose, and she'll be tearing into them.

The only things I made were the Backpack treat bags.  Inside were various random goodies as well as some awesome star cookies my mom made.  If you don't have the pleasure of being acquainted with Dora, she has a purple backpack and star friends.

Pretty close, huh?  I found the ideas for these things on Pinterest.

Avery's parties always make us think about just how lucky we are.  Avery has so many people that care about her.  We appreciate each and every person that takes time out of their life to recognize her birthday.

Despite the chaos surrounding it, I think the party was fine.  Most importantly, I think Avery had a good time.

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