Thursday, May 24, 2012

Conversations with Avery

We drive by a pasture with cows, one horse, and one donkey every day.  Named by Avery, the cows (all of them) are Connie and the donkey is Dexter.

Me: what was the horse's name again? Hank?

Avery: No, Homer! Hank...what a silly name, Mommy.

Driving by a bank:

Avery: is that a hospital?

Me: no, it's a bank.

Avery: what's a bank?

Me: well, it's a place that keeps your money for you.

Avery: like a piggy bank?

Me: yeah, kind of.

Avery: is it BREAKABLE?


Avery: I love you, Mommy.

Me: I love you more.

Avery: I love you two fifty five dollars.

Me: well, that is quite a bit.


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