Monday, May 21, 2012


Saturday we headed up to the lake for the day.  Avery was so, so excited to go to Gigi and Pepaw's boat.  The night before she tried on her mask and fins.  She was sure she was going to dive under the water.  We told her the water might be a little cold.


A captain gets thirsty

Talking and driving

Being goofy

Enjoying some ice cream

We got home pretty late and thankfully Avery slept in a bit on Sunday.  Sunday we did stuff around the house.  Avery got into some colored bubbles my mom bought for her last year (ahem-thanks Mimi).   Once we saw what a mess they were we decided to let her play until they were GONE.

And that was the end of the colored bubbles.  For the most part, they did wash off the patio and came out of her clothes in the washer (again, for the most part).

Princess Crayola Color Bubbles

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