Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

We're slowly settling into our house.  Our fence was finished on Friday, so Rob and Avery picked up Arthur from Gigi and Pepaw's.  They had kindly been keeping him during the move and until we had our fence put up.  We were wondering how Arthur would react to his new neighbors (the horses).  As predicted, he barked.  And barked.  And barked.  The horses just stared at him, clearly not intimidated by such an inferior being.

Saturday we worked around the house a little bit.  Rob hung the blinds that we had to order for the office, dining, and living rooms.  I shopped in the afternoon and found a few things for the house.

Later that afternoon we took Avery over to the local carnival so she could ride the carousel.  We all shared a GIANT corn dog.

Avery wanted to ride the huge slide (and she did and she liked it).

She also insisted on riding a really fast ride and she didn't like it.  We then moved on to safer things, such as the carousel.

Much more her pace.

Sunday I woke up to the smell of cinnamon rolls and Avery said "I made you someping!"

A beautiful card on which she wrote "mom" all by herself.  I also received a beautiful watch and pretty pink roses.

Avery and I headed out for brunch and manicures with Mimi while Rob stayed home and assembled Avery's new bed (a surprise for her when we got home later).

Avery was allowed to pick her own polish color (purple) and have her nails painted too.

She was so excited.

Avery and I went home to pick up Rob and head to Gigi and Pepaw's.  She sort of fell asleep on the way.

I thought I was supposed to be the one relaxing?

Avery had the surprise of her new bed waiting on her at home.  She was pretty excited about it.

It took her a bit to quiet down and fall asleep but she did great.  Now the crib moves to the baby room, and she feels pretty good about giving her baby brother her old bed.

Here's a little video of her checking out her bed.  My camera was out of focus for the first bit, I guess because I went from dark to light and it didn't automatically adjust.
Also, we didn't have the pillows on it yet so she was trying to sleep on the decorative throw pillow. Ha.  Now I need to find some curtains to match and we need to get a dresser for her room, and she will be set.

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